German (ish) Hefeweizen – Leaning Tree Brewing Session

The Recipe ( 10 Gallons )


Grain BillGrain : 11.5lbs Wheat, 11.5 Kolsch
Mashing :  Single infusion for 60 minutes @ 152°
Hop Schedule: 2oz Hallertau @ 60 minutes
Original Gravity : 1.050 SG / 12.5 Brix
Final Gravity : 1.014 SG / 4 Brix
ABV : 5.0%
IBUs: 17
Yeast: WLP380
Starter: 3600ml


Banana and Spice anyone?

This week we are brewing a German inspired Hefeweizen. I say “inspired” because this exact recipe brewed in Germany would probably land us in some sort of brewers jail as we used a Cologne/Kolsch malt instead of the standard German Pilsner. The color of this Kolsch malt is 4.5L, a tad bit darker than the typical 1.4L Pilsner. See the photos of the final product below, not dunkel dark but more than normal.

WLP380 StarterWe chose the WLP380 as opposed to the WLP300 for the highly scientific reason that my local homebrew shop had zero WLP300. As normal we made quite a large starter (right). We fermented at 64° for 7 days to slightly stress the yeast and eek out a bit more character in the form of spice and clove flavors. I then adjusted to 69° for 3 more days to allow the yeast to clean up and then crashed to 40° for 2 days before kegging. This yeast strain has super low flocculation and crashing before packing certainly seems to help.

Tasting Notes

This beer is still very young and finished a tad sweet (probably due to stressing the yeast a bit on temperature) but the phenols thrown off the yeast are rather fantastic : fruit bomb, allspice. We carbonated to match the style (which is heavy) which leaves the nice lace on glass and some bubbly goodness on the palate. Seeing how it is a bit dark this would not be “competition” recipe but it makes for a good mix up. I will brew this again with the standard WLP300 and see what “off recipe” flavors were due to the yeast vs malt bill.

Brewday Photos

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